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Auslift Crane & Access Hire is a privately-owned company with over 50 years’ experience in the equipment hire and sales industry. Professional advice by industry experts and integrity has been the key to Auslift evolving into one of the leading EWP companies in Australia.

Our History

Auslift began from humble beginnings originally as an industrial building company owned by the Surace family.  Honesty, integrity and a genuine care saw the business grow rapidly.  This led to the purchase of the first mobile crane and a handful of access equipment to keep up with the demand of building. Slowly the equipment count kept on building up and the machines were being hired out to other trades while not in use. 

As the construction industry tightened up on their safety standards, the demand for machinery increased further.  This led to an increase in demand for machinery hire experts and Auslift Crane & Access Hire was born.  While the building company still exists today at a smaller scale, the crane hire has become a pioneer in the Renewable Energy maintenance sector.  Auslift Access Hire has been combined with the sales arm of the business under the umbrella of Auslift Equipment.

All this growth has happened whilst still being able to maintain the close knit family aspect with the next generation of Surace descendants helping to form and secure the expansion of the company.  These days the family has been extended with new staff being welcomed into the family but also the customers that have been with us from the start and form part of the extended Auslift family.

Access Equipment Hire

Auslift stocks Electric , Diesel and Hybrid machinery that are suitable for virtually any application.  We have the right machine for the job for everything from changing light globes to constructing tall buildings.  And if you are having difficulty deciding what machine you need, we have access specialists on the road that can help you find the solution you need.   All our machinery meet and exceed all Australian Safety Standards and have Australian Design Registration and they come with full compliance for all major work sites. Our machinery hire is currently only available in greater Melbourne and nearby country Victoria.

Access Equipment Sales

Auslift has large range of EWP's for sale.  We have constant supply of brand new, near new and used machinery for sale coming from our hire fleet.  Our buying power in new machinery allows us to give you special industry pricing on all machinery.  This in turn help us increase our buying power which helps us keep our hire rates cheaper. There is a constant supply of new machinery in stock,  coming throughout the year, but there are certain models which need to be booked in advance. 

All our second hand machinery are ex hire fleet so you have the peace of mind knowing that these machines have been properly maintained throughout their life and come with a full service history.  We also have near new machines for sale from around 12 months old as well.

Crane Hire

Our Crane hire department has today evolved from specialising in construction, to todays cranes which specialise in the Renewable Energy industry.  Over the years Auslift has formed a strong relationship with our suppliers of renewable energy and are an integral part of the maintenance of their facilities and equipment.

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Our Service

Auslift has a large range of equipment available for hire and sale for all your lift and carry requirements.


Auslift has a specialised range of large mobile cranes .  Our industry experience includes specialising in Construction Lifts, Renewable Energy Sector Equipment Maintenance, Machine Relocations and many more.


Auslift has a full range of Elevated Work Platforms and access equipment for sales and rent including boom lifts, cherry pickersscissor lifts and vertical lifts.  Boom Lifts are available in articulated or Knuckle Boom lifts and telescopic Straight Boom  lifts with each type suitable for different applications. 

EWP's come in three power varieties with each variety having a distinct advantage depending on its application.

The first variety is your Diesel 4WD all terrain Scissor Lifts and Boom Lifts.  These are suitable for outdoor use over rough terrain and are suitable for use on concrete, gravel, grass, mud and sand. These have higher torque to help you climb out of sticky situations.

The next variety is the Electric Scissor lifts and Boom lifts and vertical lifts.  These are suitable for indoor use as the electric motor is a lot quieter and there are no fumes and are suitable only on flat level concrete.  They are also the narrowest boom lifts.

The final variety is the new hybrid machines which give you the quietness and emissions of the electric machines with the outdoor ability of the diesel machines.

Whatever you need, we have the machine that is right for you.

This website contains all the information you need on our machines including range of movement, and specifications.

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To make a booking, Contact Us or call Auslift on (03) 9702 7977 and our experienced staff will be more than happy to assist you with your rental requirements.

We love to help tradesmen, DIYers, handymen and any job where work or inspection needs to be undertaken where a ladder is not safe. Worksafe laws getting tougher, elevated work platforms are becoming a must.

If you are not sure what machine you need, we can go out on site for you free of charge and measure up the job and give you an obligation free quote.

For all your crane and access equipment rentals, make Auslift Crane & Access Hire your one stop shop.

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