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Our extensive fleet of elevated work platforms are all available for hire throughout Melbourne and wider Victoria. As with all of our models for hire, our EWPs meet strict Australian Compliance and are regularly serviced and checked to ensure safe and reliable performance every time.

Auslift offers the following EPWs for hire:

Knuckle Boom Lifts

TypeWorking HeightHorizontal ReachUp and OverLengthWidthHeightWeight
34' Diesel 12.4m 6.6m 5.25m 5.64m 1.8m 2.15m 5640kg
34' Electric 12m 6.6m 5.25m 5.43m 1.34m 1.99m 5910kg
45' Diesel 16m 9.1m 6.6m 6.5m 2.3m 2.2m 7100kg
45' Electric 15m 8.45m 6.6m 6.6m 1.5m 2m 7300kg
56' Diesel 17.3m 10.6m 6.6m 7.6m 2.3m 2.2m 8120kg
60' Diesel 20.46m 12.1m 8.07m 8.82m 2.44m 2.54m 10069kg
80' Diesel 25.6m 16.2m 6.8m 12m 2.38m 2.67m 15950kg
125' Diesel 38.1m 19.25m 18.44m 11.45m 2.49m- 3.81m 3.05m 19958kg

Straight Boom Lifts

TypeWorking HeightHorizontal ReachLengthWidthHeightWeight
46'Diesel 15.44m 12.3m 8.42m 2.3m 2.21m 6650kg
66'Diesel 22.32m 18.3m 10.21m 2.42m 2.57m 12700kg
85'Diesel 27.9m 23.6m 12.3m 2.4m- 3m 2.8m 16266kg
125' Diesel 39.9m 24.4m 12.2m 2.6m- 3.5m 3.05m 20248kg
150' Diesel 47.7m 24.38m 18.81m 2.49m- 3.81m 3.05m 21773kg
185' Diesel 58.57m 24.38m 19.44m 2.49m- 5.03m 3.05m 27351kg

4WD Diesel Scissor Lift

TypeWorking HeightCapacityExtensionLengthWidthHeightWeight
26'Diesel 10.2m 565kg 1.5m 2.65m 1.8m 2.45m 3330kg
33'Diesel 12.15m 450kg 1.5m 2.65m 1.8m 2.54m 4080kg
43'Diesel 15m 750kg 1.1mx2 4.12m 2.3m 2.75m 7100kg
53'Diesel 18m 680kg   4.88m 2.3m 3.15m 8352kg

Electric Scissor Lift

TypeWorking HeightCapacityExtensionLengthWidthHeightWeight
19'Electric 7.6m 230kg 0.9m 1.88m 0.76m 2m 1425kg
26'Electric 10m 454kg 1.2m 2.5m 1.2m 2.25m 2520kg
32'Electric 12m 300kg 1.1m 2.31m 1.2m 2.38m 2630kg
40'Electric 14m 350kg 0.8m 2.45m 1.2m 2.5m 3170kg

Vertical Manlifts

TypeWorking HeightCapacityHorizontal ReachLengthWidthHeightWeight
12'Electric 5.66m 227kg   1.36m 0.76m 1.66m 800kg
20'Electric 8m 159kg   1.36m 0.76m 1.98m 1086kg
AWP 25 10m 140kg   1.35m 0.77m 1.98m 300kg
AWP 32 12m 159kg   1.35m 0.74m 1.98m 393kg
Star 10 10m 200kg 3m 2.7m 1m 1.99m 2735kg
MV095J 11.2m 200kg 3m 2.7m 1m 1.99m 2950kg


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